Pallet Storage

Are you a consumer goods (FMCG) Importer, Local Manufacturer or are you looking to trial a new product in the Nigerian Market?

Then you should consider our excellent ‘Store and Sell!’ package. This will allow you to takeadvantage of our state-of-the-art Retail Warehouse space, with cold storage for heat sensitive products, located strategically in Lagos Nigeria. From here, we can also assist you in selling and distributing your product to walk in wholesale customers as well as distributing your products throughout Nigeria and West Africa. This means you can take advantage of our well established distribution network, consisting of many local partner distributors located throughout the country as well as benefit from online sales generated through our wholesale website. Your products will immediately gain good coverage in terms of marketing and consumer reachability.

Store and Sell! provides the answer for you with our flexible business storage spaces. We cater for both big and small businesses, so if you need just one pallet stored or 1,000 pallets for a month or for years then we can provide affordable storage/wholesale retail space for each and anywhere in-between. And, you can adjust the space you need and only pay for that – with no other charges... at all

Wigmore Trading Pallet Storage