Register for NAFDAC

What is NAFDAC?

NAFDAC stands for the National Agency for Food & Drug Administration & Control of Nigeria. It is a government body tasked in preventing the production and importation or fake or substandard products for actual human consumption. This includes food products and medicines.

NAFDAC uses a very blunt and archaic formula to regulate manufacturers, importers & exporters as well as sellers of food or medicinal goods in Nigeria. This regulation has often been seen as burdensome or counterproductive by many foreign companies wanting to sell their products in Nigeria, but never the less it is crucial to attain this license before selling or distributing these regulated goods.

How to Register your products with NAFDAC?

Registering your products with NAFDAC in Nigeria requires the following steps which Wigmore Trading can assist you with.

1. Fill in registration and application form specifying the individual product you would like to register. Each specific SKU will require it’s own registration so this will include all product variants and pack sizes. Each will need to be registered separately.

2. After submitting the required documentation you can expect between 1-6 months for your application to be passed. Timescales are dependant on the quality of the application and if physical inspection of producer’s premises is required.

3. After your application is successful then your will be issued a NAFDAC registration number for your product which will allow you to import your products and sell freely in Nigeria. You will require NAFADAC certification to even have a chance of selling to any major Retailer in Nigeria as they are under the highest scrutiny.

Caveat: Some supermarkets can apply for “Global Listing”, this allows supermarkets with physical trading location to be able to import and sell products as part of a localised NAFDAC listing. They can only import small amount of each individual product and only sell from their registered premises in a retail capacity.

Wigmore Trading are very experienced in dealing with NAFDAC and have successfully applied for hundreds of NAFDAC registration numbers for many brand owners around the world. Get in touch to see how we can assist.

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