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Acapulco Red Bo

Magnificent texture, chocolaty with vanilla facets

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Quality. Tradition. Services. All one step away from you. Our main goal is to bring the best of us into your territory, because closeness to our customers is an essential value for us. Coffee is the history of our family and our family has been involved in coffee for over 70 years. About a century of ideas, investments and innovations, which have allowed us to be recognized as a guarantee for customers looking for high quality coffee. But something has remained unchanged: our values. What prompted Giovanni Serrani to set up the company in 1948 is exactly what drives us to continue his business today, that is, the constant research for an authentic and intense aroma, respect for processes and traditions that are almost a century old, the desire to establish ourselves in the world starting from a small area, Umbria, where we have become the leading company in the sector. In the will of Giovanni, as in that of his current successors, the quality of the product and the quality of the professional relationships are the two sides of the same coin and still constitute the essential values of the company. Serrani Coffee was born as the coffee of whoever knows it, a coffee that does not want to be exclusive but, at the same time, is aimed at an audience capable of appreciating it. A special coffee because of its authentic quality. Authentic as the story of who produces it respecting an ethic of other times in which people, human relationships, the value of a word and a handshake were at the centre of Giovanni’s work.