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RIV INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES LTD is a duly registered company with head office in Lagos, Nigeria. RIV INTERNATIONAL AGENSIES LTD are the producers of Dupsie Dishwashing Liquid and nini Sanitizing Products. They are passionate about maintaining a clean and hygienic environment hence their interest in hygiene products; all the  products are produced with love for the end user.

Dupsie Dishwashing Liquid is a mild dishwash that contains Glycerin which is a natural moisturizer and so keeps your hands moisturized and supple after every wash; this means it will not dry your hands making it suitable for people with sensitive skin. It is also lightly fragranced therefore the fragrance doesn't linger in your crockery.nini Sanitizing range of products consist of 80% Ethanol making it a high grade sanitizer suitable for use in hospitals, public places , homes and places where special care is needed. They kill 99'9% of germs including the corona virus. nini sanitizers are approved by NAFDAC and produced to WHO standards. They are loved by frontline workers. lightly fragranced. 

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500ml nini Sanitizing Spray x 12

500ml nini Sanitizing Spray. A powerful antibacter

Shipping From: Nigeria


200ml nini Sanitizing Gel x 24

200ml nini Sanitizing Gel. A high grade sanitizer

Shipping From: Nigeria


70ml nini Sanitizing Gel x 24

70ml nini Sanitizing Gel.  A high grade

Shipping From: Nigeria


4lts Dupsie Dishwashing Liquid x 4

4lts Dupsie Dishwashing Liquid. A lightly fr

Shipping From: Nigeria


2lts Dupsie Dishwashing Liquid x 6

2lts Dupsie Dishwashing Liquid. A lightly fragran

Shipping From: Nigeria


850ml Dupsie Dishwashing Liquid x 10

850ml Dupsie Dishwashing Liquid. A lightly f

Shipping From: Nigeria


500ml Dupsie Dishwashing Liquid x 12

500ml Dupsie Dishwashing Liquid.. A lightly fragr

Shipping From: Nigeria