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Manufactured in 18/10 Stainless Steel.Steel valves

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For decades the MAGEFESA brand has been a familiar sight in family homes. Today we are updating ourcollection of household solutions with an extensive range of products designed to make daily life easier inour kitchens and homes.The stainless steel saucepans and frying pans will always gleam like new. The familiar pressure cooker thatyou have always used to make your favorite soups and stews has been brought up to date with new ultrafastmodels.The collection is completed by knives, coffee makers and a great range of affordable accessories and utensilsto make preparing your meals easier.Our sleek stainless steel flatware sets bring a touch of class to your table, with designs for every taste, fromclassic patterns to the elegant sobriety of modern models.Our new range of small appliances exceeds expectations, introducing us to the kitchen of the future, withelectric, programmable pressure cookers to prepare food easily and accurately and kitchen robots withmultiple functions including new cooking methods such as low-temperature or “sous vide” cooking.MAGEFESA also has products to make life easier in the rest of the house, with personal beauty solutions,irons and cleaning appliances.

MAGEFESA has been a leading European manufacturer of household items and pressure cookers since it was foundedin 1948. It is Spain’s top brand of pressure cookers. For generations the brand has symbolized quality, safety and innovation.The use of pressure cookers, which are found in every kitchen today, began to become widespread in the second halfof the twentieth century.The technological advance that made this possible was the development of flexible seals that maintain pressurewithout making the cooker too difficult to close. In Spain, MAGEFESA’s version of this closing mechanism became theindustry standard.Over time it became the country’s best-known brand, allowing it to expand internationally. Today MAGEFESA pressurecookers are found in kitchens all around the world.