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Nitrile Gloves x 1000

Nitrile Gloves—Ambidextrous,non-sterile,latex free

Shipping From: China


Face mask Type II x 2000

-Low breathing resistance,non-irriatting-Excellent

Shipping From: China


Late x 1

Latex Exam Glove, M=5.0g, Natrual White, Powder-fr

Shipping From: China


Face mask Type IIR with ear loop x 50

PP 25gms+filterMelt-blown fabric+PP25gsm with ear

Shipping From: China


FFP2 Face Mask x 20

PP 25gms+filterMelt-blown fabric+PP25gsm with 4 ti

Shipping From: China


Nitrile Glove, M=3.5g, Blue x 100

Nitrile Glove, M=3.5g, Blue, Powder Free, Finger t

Shipping From: China


Latex Exam Glove, M=5.0g, Natrual White x 100

Latex Exam Glove, M=5.0g, Natrual White, Po

Shipping From: China


Vinyl Glove, M=4.5g, Clear x 100

Vinyl Glove, M=4.5g, Clear, Powder Free

Shipping From: China


nitrle/vinyl, M=5.0g x 1000

nitrle/vinyl, M=5.0g, blue, powder  fr

Shipping From: China


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LyncMed is a leading supplier focused on Medical Disposable Consumables and PPE products.  We have obtained ISO13485, FDA, CE certificates. Our global sales and service network served over 700 Key Account customers.

LyncMed is a medical consumables company involved in the production of a wide range of medical and PPE disposable products including gloves, infection control apparel, wound care supplies, surgical equipment and dental products.LyncMed has an excellent supply chain & localization operation with a logistics system.Overall, we have more than 10 product lines and each one is run by a professional team. LyncMed had already established its overseas branch company in USA (LA, CA), Italy, Spain, Germany and Mexico. LyncMed has already built overseas warehouses in the 5 countries it is based and through local warehouses we aim to meet customer demands as soon as possible.High efficiency sales procedures system is based on IT & DT system and localization operation allowing the whole order process to be shortened to one week or even one day. Our mission is to provide high quality healthcare products at the lowest cost possible for our customers. We aim to achieve this by allowing manufacturers to utilize materials for a higher output. This is made possible due to our belief in corporate leadership and social responsibility to further the improvement of lives globally.