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Original - Floral Aroma x 30

DescriptionAmerica Fresh® laundry powder detergent

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Our Products meet all the demands of the consumer as they are manufactured with high standards and worldwide procedures to guarantee quality. The formulation is unique, and the aromas are long lasting. Manufacturing Origin and Certifications: All our products are made in China, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and leading-edge quality control processes. We are an CNAS, IQNET, IAF, GS1 and ISO 9001 certified company. All are 100% biodegradable and phosphate free with a large number of sizes in all products

Since the creation of the brand in 2010, AMERICA FRESH™ has enjoyed unprecedented success, as well as continual growth. Company performance over years is characterized by diversification, quality improvement and gradual enlargement of domestic market-shares with our distributors around the world.Diversification of the product range, which began in the second year of operation, saw movement into the production of liquid detergents and now a full range of household products. Clearly not a brand that is content to enjoy success when market domination is a possibility, AMERICA FRESH™ continues to improve packaging, production and expand its export network.