Kajaal 2.5gms x 144 Kajaal 2.5gms x 144
Kajaal 2.5gms x 144 Kajaal 2.5gms x 144

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Kajaal 2.5gms x 144

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Brand: VLCC

Kajaal with Liquorice and Camphor. Triphala contai..

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  • Price: $303.00
  • Price Per Unit: $2.10
This product has a minimum quantity of 1
  • Delivery: 5-7 Days Shipping From United Arab Emirates
  • Brand: VLCC
  • Product Dimensions(cm): 0.00000000 X 0.00000000 X 0.00000000
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  • ISBN number: 8906008451009
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Kajaal with Liquorice and Camphor. Triphala contains equal parts of three fruits; amalaki, haritaki and bibitaki. It is known to strengthen the muscles of the eyes and improve eyesight. Amalaki also was known as Indian gooseberry is infused with antioxidants which help protect eyes.

Liquorice, the root extract, is infused with anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties which treat chronic inflammations. It is good for the eyes; improves the eyesight and helps in preventing any kind of inflammatory condition. Presence of glycyrrhizin in this herb inhibits microbial growth thus protecting against bacteria and fungi. 

Blending together these two natural actives with camphor, VLCC has created this all-natural Kajal which not only makes your eyes appear bigger, brighter and more defined but also nourishes and relaxes them. 

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Order Kajaal 2.5gms in bulk online and have it shipped to Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa or anywhere else in Africa. Wigmore Wholesale is a Commercial and Supermarket supplier of Kajaal 2.5gms in Africa.

All our brands are 100% authentic, we are online distributors for VLCC which ships from United Arab Emirates. Shipping and clearing costs will be quoted separately and we will ensure you get the best landed costs for Kajaal 2.5gms in your destination.

We supply products like Kajaal 2.5gms to restaurants, businesses, offices, manufacturers and commercial enterprises in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa or anywhere else in Africa. We can provide quotes for shipping and transport to your exact address or destination or you can arrange shipping by yourself.

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